Green Terror Productions hosts more events on campus

Green Terror Productions (GTP) is bringing some new programming to McDaniel. GTP is a student-organized subcommittee of the Office of Student Engagement.

“GTP is about getting programming outside of the classroom, rather it’s comedians, music or hypnotists, we went to get events that students can interact with,” says Lindsey Henderson, the new Assistant Director of Student Engagement and head of the GTP program.

This new organization has been playing a large role in recent campus events. Stuff-a-buddy, magician Frank Deville, comedian Brian O’Sullivan, and most recently the air brushed hats and pennants were all hosted by GTP.

GTP, in conjunction with the new Office of Student Engagement, has also brought off-campus activities such as trips to Liberty Mountain for snow tubing and college night at Baltimore Blast indoor soccer.

“We want these events to be a reflection of McDaniel, to be what the students want. My job isn’t to do everything, but it is to help guide the students in bringing the programs to campus,” said Henderson.

Freshmen GTP committee member Alyson Whitmore said, “I joined GTP because I was disappointed by the lack of things to do on campus after the freshman week honeymoon phase faded, and knew that tons of other students shared my feelings.”

“From what we’ve seen, all events have had 100 to 200 people turn out at the events, showing that there is a need,” Henderson said.

In order for GTP to be successful and bring more events to campus, it is going to be up to the students to tell us what they want and to attend the events.

“GTP is an organization that exists purely for the student’s pleasure. So if students don’t participate, it makes the group pointless. Whether it’s attendance at events, becoming a member, or just ‘Liking’ us on Facebook, student participation is key,” Whitmore said.

So McDaniel, what do YOU want to see on campus? If you have any ideas of programs or activities you would like to see on campus, feel free to e-mail GTP at If you would like to be a part of GTP, meetings are held every Friday at 2:00 p.m. in Gold Room A. You can also keep up with events happening on campus by going to Facebook and searching for Green Terror Productions and “liking” them.

Upcoming Events: Friday February 25 – Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part I. Decker Auditorium, 7p.m. & 10p.m. Tuesday March 1 – Oxymorons Improv Group in the Pub at 9p.m.