Green Terror Productions Finding New Forms of Entertainment

Green Terror Productions is introducing new activities to campus next semester thanks to the ideas provided at the National Association for Campus Activities conference.

According to Tricia Meola, member of Green Terror Productions, NACA is an organization that holds conferences throughout the country for campus programming boards. Seven students were selected to go to the conference in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, she said.

Lindsey Henderson, Assistant Director of Student Engagement and Advisor of Green Terror Productions, said that only seven members of Green Terror Productions were selected because it would be very expensive to bring everyone. Lindsey was happy that seven went because many schools only took three or four students to the conference.

The conference was divided into three parts — the Educational sessions, Showcases and Marketplace, stated Meola.

The Educational sessions were about how to make a better programming board for your campus. During Showcases, selected acts got 15 minutes to perform and do their best in order to be hired by the campus programming board. The Marketplace was a place where people could talk to each performer and hire them, said Meola.

According to Meola, there were some well-known people performing at the Marketplace. Many performers were from America’s Got Talent, X-Factor, and American Idol.

“The conference overall was an amazing experience,” stated Meola. “My favorite part was getting to meet the performers and their agents, and creating a relationship with them that we can use in the future to bring some of the acts that we liked to campus.”

“One thing that really stuck with me was the friendships we made with some of the performers and agencies. We still keep in touch with them,” said Emma Rixham, another member of Green Terror Productions  who  attended the conference.

Green Terror Productions has a new Website, The website is controlled by a few different members through WordPress. It is used to poll students when we are considering different events to campus, stated Meola.

The new webpage “will also be used for a calendar of events as well as posting pictures and updates on how to get involved,” said Meola.

The webpage was created after Tricia Meola and the other members went to the conference and talked with students from other schools to see how they increase student involvement.

There are currently 30 members in Green Terror Productions.

“We are always looking for new members and it is very fun” said Henderson. “Green Terror Productions is great because students can connect with people outside of McDaniel College.”