Pinterest Party at McDaniel: Get Your Craft On!

Photo by Katie Hughes

Get your craft on! The Green Terror Productions (GTP) committee here on McDaniel’s campus hosted a Pinterest party on Nov. 10 from 6 to 8 p.m. in the Forum, where a few dozen students gathered to engage and participate.

Sophomore Taylor Hoey expressed her views of the website, “I like Pinterest crafts, but I never have the chance to do them.” Students filtered in and out of the Forum for a fun few hours of arts and crafts.

Senior executive board member of GTP, Emme Petti, explained regarding the committee, “GTP hosts events every Thursday for all students,” and believed the event provided a truly fun and calming environment for people to craft.

Photo by Katy Hughes

Some of the materials used during the Pinterest Party. Photo by Katy Hughes

According to the Huffington Post, Pinterest users are addicted to “pinning” their interests and favorite ideas for later viewing, and is becoming so popular, that there is a waiting list to become a member and creating an account. Pinterest is a readily fun interactive means for creative people of all ages and interests.

Kayla Stout, freshman and GTP board member, said, “This event allows us to express our creativity.” This get-together was designed to encourage students to get out of their apartments, dorms, and classrooms and engage with other students with a variety of crafting projects.

Sophomore GTP member Maggie Hart exclaimed as she checked students into the extravaganza, “This gathering is to bring the McDaniel community together, serve as a stress-reliever, and bring students out of their rooms.”

The purpose of the event was to promote creativity, engagement, interactions between students and individual expression. The Pinterest Party provided items such as free paint, picture frames, glass mason jars, paint color swatches, glue, and several other artsy products to utilize in craft creation. Freshman Monica McInerney stated, “Free stuff and crafts are always a plus.”

Whether Pinterest users are browsing for activity inspiration, seeking new room decor, looking for new recipes, style tips or life ideas, Pinterest is one of the number one blogging, photo sharing, and idea spreading websites available to us at our fingertips.

As explained on their Facebook page, the GTP committee aims to offer and provide social and cultural entertainment outlets, while encouraging enjoyable, educational, and stress relieving programs for the McDaniel community.

From room, wall, or window decor, jar decorating, to photo frame design, Pinterest serves its purpose for many users to allow for creativity to be discovered, exercised, and implemented. It does so by inspiring individuals and educational institutions to promote community engagement and creativity.

Pinterest is an interactive and fun website designed for sharing, blogging, and finding new artistic ideas to enjoy and benefit from, as well as encourage confidence and imagination.

Check out weekly campus announcements, the Green Terror Productions Facebook page, or OrgSync for more information and event details.