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Photo by Tiffany Afoakwa.

Soulful Music Festival Hits McDaniel

The room buzzed with “oohs” and “aahs” as the student-led choir sang gospel songs. Dancers swayed their bodies to classical and contemporary hits prominent within black culture. A poet trotted…


20,000 Leagues Above my Expectations

“Justice League” is the comic-bookest comic book movie I’ve ever seen. There are boomtubes and motherboxes and parademons, beautiful Jack Kirby nonsense. There’s Aquaman, chugging whiskey in slow motion while…

Photo by by Nailah Calhoun

HLA’s Quinceañera Dinner

2017 has truly been an eventful year for the HLA club. Earlier this spring, they officially changed their name from Hispanic-Latino Alliance to Hispanic-LatinX Alliance in order to be more…