The first year council needs student support

The First Year Council (FYC) is an organization that strives to help all first year students have an easy transition to college life on The Hill. With events like student organization fairs, comedians, and lunch with the Deans, the council is making efforts to bring first year students together and get them involved on campus.

The FYC is run by first year students and Dean Violanti. Dean Violanti founded the council because she feels that it is important to connect “all first-year students to the campus community, campus resources and all of the community members, students, faculty and staff.”

Some students feel the council is too late in getting students involved this year. Freshmen Rob Goetz remarks that he feels “the school puts on some good events…but I’ve already adjusted easily at this point.”

However, President of the FYC Danny Scott and Dean Violanti feel that it is important to keep the council going in order to help the class of ’15 adjust to life on The Hill right away. Dean Violanti said, “the plan is to include present FYC members to connect to next year’s FYC, providing, through that connection, sophomore mentorship for the new FYC of Fall 2011.” Violanti believes that having that upperclassmen support will encourage more first year students to attend the FYC events.

“We want to make sure that first-year students feel comfortable being on the Hill and we want them to feel confident in going out and meeting the rest of the community,” said Scott.

However, the council is struggling to gain support and create a strong foundation for the years to come. Scott has dedicated a lot of time to the council, but he said without first year student support, the council will fail to take off at the beginning of the fall 2011 semester. Scott also said anyone is welcome to contact him with event ideas or service opportunities to help the incoming class of ’15 feel welcome on The Hill.

The FYC has one event coming up. The FYC is cosponsoring the Bomb the Music Industry event on Friday, Mar. 5. For more information or to suggest ideas to the FYC contact Danny Scott at