Whos-it’s and Whats-it’s at the Antique Mall

Looking for something to do on a Saturday? If you’ve got a friend with a car or it’s a nice day for a walk, the Westminster Antique Mall is only a short trip away from campus.

Even if vintage isn’t quite your thing, the mall is a goldmine of cool stuff to look at. Opened in 1994, it is now the largest antique mall in Maryland and the items it houses have been around for decades.

It is an array of comic books, baseball memorabilia, jewelry, coins, knick knacks, clothing, and collector’s items like you’ve never seen before. There’s a bit of something for everyone and the thrill of the hunt for the right item at the right price is not to be missed.

It’s easy to walk out with an armful of things for $20 or less, though prices range depending on the seller. The staff can direct you to the right booth if you know what you’re looking for, but the best way to explore is to do just that – explore! Each trip to the mall is a new experience as vendors discover and add new things to their booths, or even new booths are added.

The mall is open 7 days a week and more information can be found at their website www.westminsterantiquemall.com

3 Comments on "Whos-it’s and Whats-it’s at the Antique Mall"

  1. My boyfriend and I love going to antique malls! I had no idea there was one in Westminster :) Thanks!

  2. The Westminster Antiques Mall is hands down one of my favourite places to go in Westminster. I think I discovered it early sophomore year when I had a car on campus and I've been going there all the time ever since. You can literally spend HOURS in there and get lost in the vast amount of stuff they've laid out. Even if you don't find anything, its great just to check out the new items that are brought in all the time. I highly recommend it!

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