Charity for Cheese

Dancing in the clubroom served a better purpose than simply relieving stress and having a good time on Monday, April 25.

From eight to midnight “Cheeseball for Children” was held in the forum, an event which aimed to utilize students’ desire to dance in order to raise money for charity.

The event was hosted by McDaniel’s Cheese Club, a group whose purpose is to “explore other cultures through cheese,” according to club president Megan Robinson, a junior. She explained that cheese is “one of the most universal foods” and that is “has amazing history.”

The Cheese Club was founded in the spring of 2009, although it did not become active until that fall. The club grew rapidly, becoming the largest group on campus in 2010.

Robinson explained that the Cheeseball was “one of the original events we always planned to do.”

The Cheese Club has teamed up with the sisters of Phi Mu in order to keep this vision alive. “Phi Mu has been wonderful,” she added.

The event was similar to the clubrooms that McDaniel students are accustomed to, with a few differences, the largest being that tickets were sold to the event, costing one dollar apiece. Proceeds will be donated to the Children’s Miracle Network, a group that runs hospitals in order to better the lives of children with disease.

In addition to the cost, differences included the presence of food and drink, as well as a raffle for items such as gift cards.

Drew Strahosky, a sophomore who frequents clubrooms, suggested that the presence of refreshments may “take away from the pursuit of the grind, which may or may not be a good thing.”

The Cheese Club has been less active recently than last year, but is looking to resume regular functioning using the Cheeseball as a catalyst.

Students interested in joining may contact Megan Robinson at “We love to get emails,” said Robinson, “or join the Facebook group.”