Why Stop Here?

The worst thing you can do in anything that you take part in is become complacent. As soon as you’re satisfied with your performance, you can no longer improve or get better; you will just plateau or get worse. This is why I ask the question “why stop here?” to the McDaniel community and our fellow residents of Carroll County.

We have been doing great things for the organization of United Way over the past 10 years or so. United Way of Central Maryland (UWCM) has just recently recognized us in February for what we have been doing. Our contribution of $25,450 was a 20 percent increase and the largest gift in Carroll County through their workplace-giving campaign.  Since then, we have received great praise and have been very proud of ourselves.

However, this is no time to stop lending our helping hand. United Way is an amazing organization that sets goals that are very ambitious to push themselves and make huge strides to accomplish great things. We should use the same method when setting our goals: Do even better and raise even more money than we have instead of just stopping here. Keep the fundraisers and donations from our staff and faculty coming and get even more people involved.

The United Way aims to cut the number of high school dropouts and lower-income families who are financially unstable in half and increase the number of youth and adults who are healthy by one-third each and every year.

We can have a huge influence on advancing the common good of Central Maryland by improving education, helping people achieve financial stability, and promoting healthy lives. We can create a successful environment for the youth of our community and really clean up our area.

Let’s not be satisfied with what we have already done. Let’s put that behind us and continue to do great things for our community. What good would stopping here do? We need to continue to push forward and encourage everyone to get involved with his or her local United Way. If we can all continue to do great things for our respective areas, then the world will start to become a better environment to live in.