McDaniel Free Press presents varied opportunities for students

The obstacles and opportunities you face as a college student will not only challenge you, but help you grow as you prepare for your future. The McDaniel Free Press, a completely student-run newspaper, is one of those opportunities.

“Since joining, the Free Press has sent me to media conferences, helped me to get an internship, and, of course, helped me to build my portfolio of writing samples,” said senior Megan Robinson (Web Editor).

Whether you are an incoming freshman or a returning student yearning to become more involved on campus, the Free Press provides the chance for you to gain valuable experience. It also allows you to interact with other hardworking students in a welcoming environment.

You can write casually as a staff writer or you can work your way up to holding a leadership position. The best part is you pick your own stories!

The most important element of the Free Press is the teamwork involved with creating every issue. Every contribution is appreciated and there are always section editors there to help you whenever you are having trouble with your story. There are also staff meetings every week where we go over each issue budget and share new ideas.

“I think that getting involved in the Free Press has given me confidence in my writing,” said sophomore Lauren Murray (Copy Editor). “I was never involved in a newspaper before I came to the Free Press and after only one semester I feel like I can take on big pieces without being intimidated.”

The Free Press isn’t only for students interested in journalism. It is for everybody. You can be an avid film buff and write movie reviews. You can be an athlete and write sports articles. You can even be interested in blogging and join the web editing staff.

“I originally joined the Free Press because I wanted to be a journalist and gain experience writing articles for a college paper,” said senior Jacob Siegel. “Over time my areas of interests have expanded.”

At a critical time like this for journalism, worldwide newspapers have to make the transition online. The Free Press is not left out in this initiative; it has made the journey to its own website. On, we will be publishing each issue of the Free Press and sharing videos, blogs, and news stories written by you! Why not join us as we forge new ground?

The Free Press is also a gateway to meeting faculty and staff at McDaniel College and becoming more involved in campus activities. You will find yourself quickly becoming wrapped up in the latest news and events as you write more for the paper.

I believe the best way to make your college experience more enriching is to join the Free Press. I couldn’t imagine my life at McDaniel College without it.