Editorial: A Time of Change

In his inaugural speech last year, President Roger Casey outlined his vision for a new and improved McDaniel College. Plans for a coffee shop in the Library Commons, an academic partnership with an African university, and renovated residential buildings were just the beginning of a long list of changes that were soon to come to our campus. These changes herald the dawning of a new era at McDaniel College, one in which we at the McDaniel Free Press are fully committed to participating.


This year, the Free Press will be continuing its drive to become a more web-oriented news source with a full multimedia experience. The size of our web staff has grown considerably in comparison to previous years and a newly appointed video editing staff has been added to bring a visual representation of our life here on campus to the World Wide Web. Furthermore, the Free Press will beginning this year be offering online advertising opportunities for local businesses in the Westminster community. Finally, the Free Press has pledged to transform our newspaper into an online news source to which items of interest are added daily so that students, faculty, staff, and alumni can find up to date coverage of everything happening here at McDaniel.


The Free Press has not abandoned its printed editions entirely, however. On a regular basis throughout the year, the Free Press will be releasing special edition print issues focusing on a topic of considerable and particular interest to the McDaniel College community. The first will feature our newly created Arts and Culture Section, featuring reviews, previews, and notices of artistically and culturally significant events on and off campus from theater productions and art exhibits to cinematic releases and new albums from local and international musicians.


As always, the McDaniel Free Press is most interested in hearing from you, our readers. If you have suggestions or feedback regarding the changes coming to the Free Press or would simply like to get involved, keep an eye out for surveys to be released throughout the semester asking for your advice and opinions. Or, if you are too impatient to wait, contact Nathan Wuertenberg (npw001@mcdaniel.edu) or Hanna Barker (hmb002@mcdaniel.edu), our co-Editors-in-Chief, or simply email us at freepress@mcdaniel.edu. Thank you and good luck over the coming semester.