Si5s: A Club For All

How many people on this campus know ASL? Walking around campus, it is hard not to notice students and faculty signing to one another instead of speaking. American Sign Language is a large part of McDaniel College that adds to the unique dynamic you observe while enrolled here.

There is a club for ASL, called si5s, and it is certainly is not only available to those who understand the language. Regardless of ASL knowledge and signing ability, the overall atmosphere of the club is carefree and fun, and interpreters are provided for every meeting.

Sophomore Aaron Fierros has taken up the presidency this year, replacing Rachel Hansel.

“Last year I had a lot of fun and I’ve always liked to be active with clubs–I had ideas on how to change the direction of the club and immerse ASL students in the deaf culture through a positive manner,” said Fierros.

Fierros has done this and also included some spectacular activities for the whole community of ASL communicators to enjoy. These activities include a barbeque, a Deaf hike, and community service opportunities. Si5s can particularly be useful to first year ASL students who wish to use these opportunities to continue to grow in the language in a carefree manner.

First year ASL student Nora Toney weighed in on the club: “I went to the club because I am excited about learning ASL and because my friends of various ASL proficiency are attending as well.” Toney quickly learned as other new students surely will, that si5s is a fun way to grow in ASL outside the classroom.

So, if you find time on Wednesday at around 5:30—give the club a shot. The club meets in Academic Hall 2011.