Chees Club Aims to Spread the Love, History of Dairy

Casey Crough

Staff Reporter

Do you have a hunger for campus involvement, history, and cheese? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then the newest addition to the McDaniel community is the place for you: the Cheese Club.

Founder and president, Ellen Tuesday Shank ’12, first sparked interest after seeing a news story in Middle School about a High School cheese club that made national news, and saw that it was a great success.

“People might like this idea, not just me,” supposed Shank.

Again the idea blossomed when she was applying for college. Several of her essay topics for her college applications dealt with the topic of diversity.

Shank discovered, “I can bring diversity through cheese.”

The Cheese Club officially became recognized at the end of last semester, and is getting a great amount of sensation and interest.

Before the College Activities Fair on Sept. 8, there were already 74 members on the Facebook group. After the fair, 53 students expressed interest and signed up for more information.

But, what could a club about cheese do for McDaniel College?

“Personally I want to learn about the process of making them,” said Shank. She also explained that there is a lot more to cheese.

There have been European countries with regional disputes that have been reflected in the taste and shape of certain cheeses, Shank commented.

“There is history in the flavors and colors, it is an interesting way to look at the past,” said Shank.

So, why should students join?

Enthusiastically Shank responds, “Because there’s cheese!”

Shank hopes that the club will broaden students’ perspectives by getting the opportunity to try different cheeses from other countries and to learn some of the history along the way.

Currently, the club has a few outstanding and “cheesy” titles: Cheese Mistress, (President) Head Cheese, (Vice President) and Assistant Big Cheese (Head of Public Relations).

Shank reflects that there are still positions open and nicknames up for grabs.

Yet, even though the club has had early success, there are still some challenges to be faced.

“McDaniel needs to become a place where it is easy to have a food based club, and able to accept food as an academic thing—food is a reflection of cultures,” said Shank.

This club is so new to the campus the SGA is creating an amendment for this organization.

In addition to changing McDaniel’s mind, Shank says that she wants the cheese to be free, and formal meetings will not be held until then.

In addition to future meetings and consuming delectable cheeses, the club already has several events planed for the semester. Times and places are still to be announced, but the cheese club is sure to impress with its venues.

In the very near future, the club plans to hold a Cheese Ball, a fondue night, and have a competition involving Cheezits and Cheese Nips.

The Cheese Ball will be held in the forum where a King and Queen Cheese will be crowned, the fondue night will basically be fondue pots, where students can come for a minimal fee, and the competition is still being decided.

“There has been some debate about how this will go,” said Shank. As of now, the competition will be whether Cheezits or Cheese Nips are preferred, or how quickly someone can eat two boxes with no beverage.

The cheese club is sure to impress and expand McDaniel students in a new way. If you would like more information, contact Ellen Shank at, or check out the group on Facebook.