Hungover Glar

For most of us, we arrive to Glar on Saturday and Sunday morning caked in remains of last night’s makeup smelling of smoke and stale beer.  As much as we detest Glar during the week, it is a haven for us after nights resulting in dance moves liken to those of a stripper and hazy memories of running down PA Ave.  Here is what some of your fellow classmates have to say about their own weekend brunch experiences:

“Glar eggs soak up all the alcohol consumed the night before, making me sober when I leave.”

Amber Slater

“Looking around, everyone looks the same. Even I wear the same clothes that I had on the night before.”

Meghan Shatz

“People are angry when you’re loud.”

Hillary Deweese

“I’m miserable and hung over at like 8 am, Glar doesn’t open until 10:30 on the weekends, it’s a problem.”

Liam O’ neill

“Some people walk in still drunk, sit down and slowly eat their eggs and potatoes.”

Cari Sledzic

“I always double fist my water.”

Forest Fleisher

“Prospective students should never be allowed in Glar on a Sunday.”

Christine Jubinski

“It’s the quietest time of the week.”

Brad Heavner