Sex on the Hill: Everyone Dies Famous on a Small Campus

Here it comes.

The awkward moment that you were hoping to avoid, but you know you can’t. Maybe if you quickly head down another sidewalk they will not notice you. Maybe.

Let’s be honest you already made the awkward eye contact so the only thing now is to wave or to pretend it never happened.

But it did happen. It actually happened last night. You went to a party and met a cute and conveniently single person and proceeded to hook up with them. It was fun at the time, but now as you are passing each other in Red Square you are not having fun at all.

So what do you do in this situation?

On a campus as small as McDaniel’s the only thing you can do is face your hook up with confidence.

For many people this becomes a normal debate. Most people on this campus said that they would at least say “hi” to their fling and try to pretend like nothing happened. Males at McDaniel were more likely to find humor in the situation, because the only ones who know about the hook up are usually the ones involved. For girls, the thought a run in on campus seemed a little more horrifying. A sophomore girl said that she would “say hi the first time, but if they did not respond she would ignore them in the future or just try to act normal.”

To girls, a run in after a hook up seems a lot more strategic than it is for men.  One senior female said she “always waves just to make sure that they remember her.”

Ensuring that they remember you is a clever strategy, but in some cases you may not want them to recollect previous events. It is easier to pass by a recent hookup and pretend you do not remember anything so you do not have to worry about holding that awkward conversation. At the same time, it is nice to know that they can recall the experience, and (hopefully) the fun and enjoyable evening they spent with you.

Whether you stay seated in Glar while your hook up gets their food or always take the long way to class, for most people it is easy enough to avoid your hookups. One junior male said that “they generally live in his building because it is easier to hook up with someone you live near, but in the long run it just leads to many more awkward run ins.”

So maybe this run in is not as awful as we expect it to be. Perhaps these situations are blown way out of proportion. If people are friendlier to their one-night-stands maybe the hook up could become consistent enough to make walks through Glar and Red Square less awkward.