Sex on the Hill: Sexting on the Hill

The first thing that comes up when you search on google ‘sexting’ under images is a picture of naked women. The term ‘sexting’ means sending naked pictures of ones’ self through text message. I do not personally know anyone who partakes in this, but are they all women? Probably not. Furthermore I doubt that the culprits of sexting are typically girls. While I do not know what enjoyment people possibly get out of sending naked pictures, I do know that I have received what is as close as I would call sexting, and those are messages containing sexual content.


All of the reported sexual content I have heard of has come from men. This has ranged from suggesting hook ups to asking for sexual favors and nude pictures. If it has so often been men (in my experience), why do no pictures of men come up when sexting is searched on google? And are ladies really sexting these pictures that frequently? When asking a group of McDaniel freshmen and sophomores, they suggested that they only liked sexting if they were getting pictures of naked women and that it was a “prelude to sex.”


According to a few guys, then, sexting is something instigated by women (this confirms my previous google search). However, I have not found this to be the case, because since hearing of the term I have only received ‘sexts’ from men and never sent any. Either I am an atypical example or some people are being misled in their expectations and understandings of sexting. To fully understand, one would have to ask more people, and include more women (who unfortunately were, understandably, not as comfortable answering questions about if they have sent naked pictures to people).


I would like to make one thing clear; no matter if it is men or women sexting, as a receiver of sexts: it is difficult to make them sound enjoyable (think cyber sex but worse). Also, make sure the person wants your sext before sending one, because otherwise you are going down the road of harassment, and that will land you in a campus safety office.


Cheers sexual and non-sexual beings!