New to the McDaniel Stage: “The Rivals”

Soon to be playing at Western Maryland College Alumni Hall (aka: the theatre) is the play, “The Rivals.”

Written by Richard Brinsley Sheridan, the play is set in 18th century England in the city of Bath. Now, if you are familiar with Chaucer’s The Canterbury Tales, then you remember the questionable Wife of Bath character and her rather promiscuous reputation. The characters of the show don’t let expectations down, presenting entangled love-relations and questioned identities that may or may not be resolved as the curtain closes.

Daniel Valentin-Morales, an actor playing one of the lovers (Captain Jack Absolute), spoke about the upcoming show. When asked about the most exciting part of his, he said “being able to connect with my character. The show is just a great portrayal of the stupid things we as young people will do for love, and because of this, I really feel the show pertains to everyone.”

More than just a love-plot with crazy characters, the comedy of manners is a genre of play that promises social satire.

Not only will “Rivals” make an audience member laugh hysterically, but it will also push them to think about the society of the show, and perhaps more importantly, the society that we find ourselves in today.

Look for “The Rivals” Feb. 29 through March 3 at 7:30 p.m. on the Mainstage in WMC Alumni Hall. Tickets are $7 for adults and $5 for seniors, students, and the McDaniel College Community.