The Sound of Silence

Talking about war on the news is never easy. News reporters have this sense that talking about war is a sad experience and should only be reserved for the dead. What about the wounded who come back home? What happens to the sons and daughters of parents who come back from wars missing limbs? There is rarely a story like that on a national broadcast. I believe there is a spiral of silence going on within the national community. This idea of ‘If no one says anything, then I shouldn’t talk about it’ is not good. We send over sons and daughters, friends, loved ones, and partners overseas to help protect the country from potential threats. What we as a country give, in return for these voluntary services, is nothing. Nothing goes to the living except a “Thank you for your service.”

How is this an acceptable act? Why aren’t we doing more to help? There are numerous non-profit organizations that could be utilized better than they are currently. Some organizations ask for monetary donations, but there are others that take items such as toys, books, clothing, and cards to help out soldiers and their families. Two such organizations that are non-profit include Soldier’s Angels and Wounded Warrior Project. Both of these organizations help Many of these items can be directly donated to military hospitals. Here at McDaniel, one program held by the Resident Assistants of McDaniel Hall, Daniel McLea, and the Pennsylvania Ave. houses sent items to wounded soldiers and their families stationed in Germany for Christmas. I think we, as a community, should do more of these types of programs. They’re easy, cheap, and simple to start. If we are to support our troops, I feel that this is a better way to go about it than placing a yellow ribbon on one’s car. Let’s break the silence that our nation has created for the wounded.