Democracy Matters: New Organization on Campus

Hello and Greetings fellow McDaniel Students.  Do you care about the role money plays in influencing politics? Does it frustrate you that so many people feel like they no longer have a relevant voice in politics if they cannot put a large amount of money behind it? Do you believe campaign finance laws could use reform? Do you want an open forum to discuss political issues here in the United States? All of these questions are pertinent in the United States today and they beg students, communities, and people everywhere to ask a very important question. Is our campaign financing system broken and how can we fix it.

Democracy Matters is a national non-partisan organization that was founded in 2001 in order to bring foster political discussion and to discussing the issues with our democracy and finding solutions for them. They facilitate discussions about political issues throughout the country and they connect students with some of the available sources of political discussion. One of the major issues they focus on is the influence money and big business are able to have over the democratic process. This prominent organization believes that a new system is necessary for the people of the United States to recover a voice that many people believe they have lost.

If these are issues that are interesting to you or you want to help bring about necessary reforms to our system, come to the Democracy Matters meetings and events here on campus. This organization is new to McDaniel and there is a lot of room for students to be involved in the planning process and the leadership positions.  We will be hosting documentaries, discussions, and more. Our meetings are on select Monday’s from 8:30 to 9:30 in Hill Hall 104. In order to get more information about this organization or its events, contact Kat Dales or Philip Wright, the Co-Presidents of the McDaniel Chapter of this National