People Who Don’t Like Lies


People who don’t like lies are the members of The Truth Club here at McDaniel College. They believe that there are so many lies surrounding the world and they would love to share what they think is the truth for them in their meetings.

The founder of the club, Patrick Keefe, a senior here at McDaniel College, first had the idea for a Truth Club.

“I invented the name and concept and there is no international truth club to my knowledge,” he said. “This is the first and only one.”

He also said that The Truth Club exists to discuss and investigate any types of issues from the United States and the world.

The Truth Club started this semester. Their first lecture was October 11 in Decker Auditorium about what really happened in 9/11, a lecture by Tim Eastman. Eastman claims that 9/11 was planned by the United States government.

Keefe said that The Truth Club “is very broad and covers every topic that goes in the category of controversial.”

They meet at Academic Hall in room 301 on the second and last Thursdays of every month at 7pm.

According to Keefe, The Truth Club is a combination of lectures, discussions and activities. They will be viewing documentaries in their next meetings. Some of the activities they planned are watching movies about the investigations of certain issues.

The Truth Club is very different from any other club.  They are willing to discuss topics that people are not willing to discuss elsewhere; that even professors, the media and the main stream media are not willing to talk about.

“We live in interesting times where dissection is all around us. Our politicians lie to us but people are afraid to talk about these issues,” said Keefe. “In the truth club you are free to talk without fear.”

He explained that members are allowed and encouraged to investigate about their own topics. They can come to the meeting and talk about their findings to other members of the club.

“There is not an official truth, we just want people to see research and openly discuss topics,” said Keefe. “I have my own believe but that does not mean that the truth club has a position of any particular topic. The truth club is about different opinions.”

People can send questions about the club to his email,, or look him up on Facebook, Patrick Keefe.

(This article was updated from its original posting.)

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  1. I don’t care for this article’s headline at all. Just because people form something that they deem as a “Truth” club does not mean they do not lie or that what they talk about is the truth. Based on some of their flyers, these people seem like nothing more than conspiracy theorists.

    Furthermore, from a journalistic perspective, saying that they don’t lie in your headline making a judgement call–something you shouldn’t do in a piece unless it’s a commentary or opinion piece. A headline like the one you have used suggests that you agree with them, but as a journalist, it’s your obligation to remove yourself from all aspects of the piece.

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