Badminton’s Not Just A Backyard Game


Remember those summer days where you, your friends and your family would get together for cool drinks, a dip in the pool, and a fun, light-hearted game of badminton? Well that’s not what goes on at McDaniel’s very own Badminton Club.

Established in the fall of 2011 by Junior and current President of the club Sara Caporaletti, the Badminton Club has become more popular than expected. Players even need to switch out in the middle of their meetings because of limited space.

“I would say the club is popular with some students.  Whenever I mention it to anyone, there is general interest because it is a relatively unique sport.  It is most popular with students from the badminton classes and people who had the chance to play in high school.  There are definitely ‘regulars’ who come every week, but it’s always great to see new people come too,” said Caporaletti.

Every Wednesday, students gather in the gym, eager to play badminton, whether they decide to keep score or just play an indoor version of the backyard classic.

“Some members are more competitive and do keep score, while others prefer to just rally with the birdie.  It depends on people’s skill level.  However, any skill level is welcome to come.  There is always a range of skills present, so you’re sure to find someone at your level to play with,” commented Caporaletti.

For those who are more competitive at heart, the EPE department holds a badminton tournament every semester, and students as well as faculty are welcome to participate in either singles or doubles matches.

“I’d just like students to know that Badminton is not very hard to learn.  I, or many other members, would be willing to help anyone who is interested in learning how to improve their serve or just play in general.  I think it’s pretty unique and certainly a lot of fun to be involved with,” added Caporaletti.

The Badminton Club meets every Wednesday from 9:30 to 10:30 p.m. on courts B and C. For more information, contact Caporaletti through her email (sec009) or keep an eye on the campus announcements for meeting times and places.