Outpick Dan and Elec: Week 7

Thursday, October 18th


Seattle Seahawks at San Francisco 49ers


Dan Thinks: The Seahawks are a solid team but face a tough 49ers team, who will take care of business on the ground as Frank Gore will rack up big yards.


Seahawks-10 49ers-35


Elec Thinks: No one gave the Seahawks a chance against the Packers. This could be the same situation, and Wilson may give his team another surprise win.


Seahawks-21 49ers- 20



Sunday, October 21st


Arizona Cardinals at Minnesota Vikings


Dan Thinks: The Cardinals are a difficult team to judge, and they will take a loss this week in a close game as Adrian Peterson and Percy Harvin will be too much to contain.

Cardinals-24  Vikings-31


Elec Thinks: These teams have been surprises all season long. A Peterson will shine, but will it be Adrian for Minnesota or Patrick for Arizona? Cards win a close one.

Cardinals- 17 Vikings- 14


Dallas Cowboys at Carolina Panthers


Dan Thinks: Cam Newton always manages to keep the Panthers in games, but he will prove more effective than Tony Romo and give his Panthers a win.

Cowboys-17   Panthers-28


Elec Thinks: Romo’s inconsistency has plagued the Cowboys season so far, as it has in the past. Look for his team to rally to try and pick up the slack.

Cowboys- 21  Panthers- 13


New Orleans Saints at Tampa Bay Buccaneers


Dan Thinks: The Saints will face a tough defense, but Drew Brees will step up to the occasion and give his Saints a win.

Saints-35        Buccaneers-24


Elec Thinks: A tough NFC South divisional game. Josh Freeman lifts his team with a two-minute final drive.

Saints- 28       Buccaneers- 30


Green Bay Packers at St. Louis Rams


Dan Thinks: Aaron Rodgers will have a relatively easy time picking apart the Rams defense and they will leave St. Louis with a high scoring win.

Packers-45     Rams-17


Elec Thinks: Green Bay has not been the same this year. They seem to play up or down to competition. That bites them hard this week.

Packers- 17    Rams- 21


Washington Redskins at New York Giants


Dan Thinks: Any time two teams from the NFC East play each other, it is a battle to the finish. Eli Manning and the Giants will prevail in the end over RGIII and the Redskins.

Redskins-17   Giants-21


Elec Thinks: This NFC East is going to come down to the wire. This game could be key in crowning a division champ and who has an easier road in the playoffs.

Redskins- 24  Giants-31


Baltimore Ravens at Houston Texans


Dan Thinks: This is definitely one of the most interesting games of the week as two powerhouses face each other. This game will be determined on the ground and by which team has fewer turnovers. Ray Rice will outplay Arian Foster to give the Ravens a win in Texas.

Ravens-32      Texans-24


Elec Thinks: A tough game for both teams. Each team is having success running, throwing and playing defense. Could this be a preview of the AFC championship?

Ravens- 28     Texans- 14


Tennessee Titans at Buffalo Bills


Dan Thinks: Ryan Fitzpatrick will have to play smart this game and if he can limit turnovers then the Bills will get a win in front of their home crowd.

Titans-17        Bills-28


Elec Thinks: I believe the Bills offense will be putting up points, but the Bills D will be giving them up just the same.

Titans-31        Bills-24


Cleveland Browns at Indianapolis Colts


Dan Thinks: Andrew Luck will give the home crowd something to cheer about in this game as he will link up with Reggie Wayne multiple times leading the Colts over the Browns.

Browns-17     Colts-28


Elec Thinks: I think Cleveland will finally have had enough close games and losses. The defense will target Andrew Luck.

Browns-21     Colts-10


New York Jets at New England Patriots


Dan Thinks: Tom Brady will do what it takes to give the Patriots a win and the offence is firing on all cylinders, which will give them a win against a depleted Jets defense.

Jets-17            Patriots-31


Elec Thinks: Many think this is a forgone conclusion, but division games are always tough. Brady has been inconsistent against the Jets the past couple of seasons.

Jets-26            Patriots-21


Jacksonville Jaguars at Oakland Raiders


Dan Thinks: Another home team will get a victory this week as the Raiders will win in an ugly game after a late drive by Carson Palmer.

Jaguars-24     Raiders-28

Elec Thinks: Raiders will need to make the home crowd happy, or else this year could get ugly, and those fans could get hostile.

            Jaguars-13     Raiders-24


Pittsburgh Steelers at Cincinnati Bengals


Dan Thinks: The Steelers will run repeatedly against the Bengals as Rashard Mendenhall will have a huge game and the Steelers defense will be solid as usual.

Steelers-24     Bengals-14


Elec Thinks: I suspect the Steelers defense will step up to the challenge of shutting down the explosive team of Andy Dalton and A.J. Green. Pittsburgh wins a close one.

Steelers-21     Bengals- 20



Monday, October 22nd


Detroit Lions at Chicago Bears


Dan Thinks: This is an intriguing match up, as a lot depends on which team shows up. If the turnover prone Jay Cutler shows up, then the Lions will take it, but if the Lions defense is sleeping then the Bears will win. I think the Bears defense will stop the Lions enough to give them a win.

Lions-21         Bears-28


Elec Thinks: Both teams have been inconsistent this year. Calvin Johnson has been relatively quiet, but maybe this will be his coming out party of the season. Jay Cutler may have a rough day against the Lions defensive line.

Lions-31         Bears-10





Bye Week: Atlanta Falcons, Denver Broncos, Kansas City Chiefs, Miami Dolphins, Philadelphia Eagles, San Diego Chargers