Latest technology and classroom experience at Hoover Library

Image taken from a Fall 2012 survey.

Image taken from a Fall 2012 survey.

Hoover Library is being renovated, and students will be able to enjoy soon new dynamic and creative areas.


Through a Qualtrics survey, students had the chance to choose the studying and learning spaces they would like to have. As a result, three main spaces will be inaugurated:


Wahrhaftig Room


On the 1st floor, it will seat 50 people or configured for smaller groups. It will be equipped with video conferencing technology to bring in speakers from around the world. Programs and community events will be offered here. The innovative room arrangement underlies a modern way of learning based on collaborative work and the role of the professor as a facilitator.


Jessame Ferguson, Director of Hoover Library, said, “The new classroom design will allow students to work in groups, and the instructor to walk around the room, which promotes the idea of active and collaborative learning.”


24-Hour Study Hall


The 1st and 2nd floors will become a night study hall after midnight. Security cameras will be installed, and a security guard incorporated.


Technology Support and Research Assistance Desk


Here students will be able to get all their questions answered. New furnishing will promote a collaborative work environment and there will be a new technology room.


According to Ferguson, these three spaces will be ready for fall semester.


Last Tuesday, students had the chance to add their ideas about the space by visiting a table outside Glar.


Stay on the alert for the upcoming changes in Hoover Library.


For ongoing updates, see the McDaniel College Hoover Library Renovation Facebook page.