Ready, Set, Go GLOBAL!

Global Initiatives is committed to providing students with as many resources as possible to enrich their personal and professional opportunities in this increasingly interconnected world.

Last Friday, first year-students, no matter what their major or minor is, were welcomed to sign up outside Glar, for the three-year Global Fellows Program.

According to Dr. Amy McNichols, the director of Global Initiatives, this program is a formal opportunity to complement all academic programs, and acknowledges that upon graduation that those students have the special skills, knowledge, and competencies of a global-minded professional.

Dr. Robert Trader, a member of the Global Initiatives Steering Committee, explains that from sophomore to senior year, students will meet the requirements of the program by taking five international courses, attaining proficiency in a second language, participating in activities of diverse clubs, attending workshops related to global citizenship, internationally-themed events on or off campus (as advertised on the Global Initiatives Facebook page), and by studying abroad.

He also added that the program does not have an extra cost beyond being a McDaniel College student.

Anna Kokubu, a freshman international student majoring in Biology who just enrolled in Global Fellows Program, said, “As an international student, I can encourage students of all majors to be more interested in foreign countries and hopefully to study abroad.”

She also added that being globally-minded makes life much more interesting and broadens our perspectives.

McNichols said, “I’m excited about launching this new program with a committed team. I wish this program was available when I was an undergrad. It’s a great way to bring students from different disciplines together with one goal: see the world from outside the box.”

If a student is not a freshman and therefore unable to sign up for the formal program, but is still interested in global issues, they are able to participate in the events and discussions hosted by Global Initiatives by joining the Global Initiatives at McDaniel College group on Facebook. The page will update students on current news and upcoming events.