Boys and Girls Club Students in the Writing Center

The McDaniel College Writing Center is hosting a program called Creative Writing Workshops for the Boys and Girls Club students in Westminster. It is an experience full of imagination and it is a very entertaining time for the kids.

During the workshop, the students interact with the teacher and classmates. They use their imagination to do creative work. They look at every aspect of the story, such as the feelings of the characters in the story.

According to Josh Ambrose, the McDaniel College Writing Center Director, 10 to 14 Boys and Girls Club students come to the program, meeting in the Writing Center lab every Wednesday from 4 to 5 p.m.

Writing Center tutors teach and help out every Wednesday, doing different activities with the students. One day they did comic books exercises, where kids drew their own comic stories, Josh explained.

“Working with the kids has been amazing. All of them are so willing to have fun and learn which is the perfect combination for a student,” said Charles Mullin, a writing tutor and a teaching assistant for the creative writing program. “Whenever I have approached any of them to see how they are doing or if I could help them with their writing, they have been so much fun to get to know and help learn.”

He also wants to be a teacher so this will help him gain experience.

“As for my major, it gives me a great amount of experience with helping to teach creative writing exercises and concepts to middle school-aged kids,” said Mullin. “This is a field I am pretty passionate about and hope to, in the future, dedicate my life to teaching creative writing.”

Bonnae Meshulam, Executive Director of the Boys and Girls Club, said, “Our students beam with pride when they complete this course. This is their opportunity to shine, be creative, and gain valuable experiences.”

“Professor ‘A’[Josh Ambrose] brings a ton of excitement and energy to the lessons,” said Sean Davis, the Program Director of the Boys and Girls Club. “The kids really look forward to the time they spend with him.”

“Our students look forward to their visits to the Creative Writing Center where they can share their thoughts, ideas and creativity. This experience gives our members the opportunity to see what college is all about and be an active participant,” Bonnae said.