Virág Kiss Carrying Heavy Weights: A Student of 2 Universities and a Professional Fitness Model

I don’t think I have to introduce you Virág Kiss, she is probably one of the most special and most known students of McDaniel Budapest. Virág is a senior Political Science student and she is a professional fitness model representing one of the biggest brands in the bodybuilding industry. Hopefully she will tell us more about herself and about how she is carrying these heavy weights: doing two universities at the same time and being a full-time sponsored fitness model.

1. Virág, please introduce yourself, what you are doing, where do you come from, what studies are you accomplishing and what is your lifter1hobby?
I’m a Hungarian – probably not an average – political science and law student. I’m finishing my studies at McDaniel College and studying law in Pázmány Péter Catholic University. Outside of school I’m a professional IFBB bikini model and health ambassador, sponsored athlete by BioTech USA. Fitness and bodybuilding is my hobby, but it means more than just a hobby for me. I would describe it as a lifestyle and I can’t live without it.

2. What does it mean to be a professional and sponsored fitness model, and what are the commitments of being a member of the BioTech USA Team?
If I want to explain what it means for me in two words that would be: hard work. This sport is challenging, you need perseverance, willpower and vocation. As a sponsored athlete you have to attend the biggest bodybuilding competitions and represent your country and your team. My last competition was in October, the European Arnold Classic in Madrid where I won my category (Bikini Model -160cm). That’s the most famous sport festival in Europe, a very high-level competition where Arnold Schwarzenegger gives out the gold medals. My next show is the American Arnold Classic in February, so during my law exams I’m getting ready for that. Also, as a winner I have many sport photo shootings, television and radio interviews. I’m the 2014 Fitbalance Festival’s face (Hungary’s biggest multisport festival in May) and as an accolade I won the “Newcomer of the Year” Award.

3. Please explain us how the this lifestyle effects your everyday life?
It is very difficult to put my daily schedule together, because I feel 24 hours is just not enough. I’m in the gym 6 times a week. I have 30-40 minutes cardio training and a 1 hour weight training or crossfit. It depends on my schedule, but I usually go in the morning. I have a very special competition diet, which means I calculate every single nutrition intake, so I wake up around 7 because I have to cook and pack my meals. The competition diet period is very complicated for me because it contains many resignations (no sweets, sugar, fruit, and carbohydrates).

4. Tell us about your studies, both McDaniel and Pázmány Péter. When are you going to finish, how difficult is it to do both at the same time and why are you doing them at the same time , what are your goals?
I’m a senior at McDaniel College and I‘ll graduate in May. In high school my major was History and still I adore this subject. Thus, I decided that I want to do something with it because I don’t want that recently gained knowledge to be lost. I applied for Pázmány Péter Cathlolic University faculty of law, and now I’m in my third year. This summer I worked in the 5th and 13th district prosecution, and I decided that I will specialize in criminal law. My studies are my life; the sport is my hobby propels my life. I can’t live without either. Sometimes it’s hard but it brings me joy and many experiences. The best and safest thing is to keep a balance in your life and I think I found it. My goals are: being in the final 6 at Arnold Classic America, graduate and become a criminal lawyer and later on, who knows? J For the future here is my favorite quote, I want to share with all of you lovely McDaniel students and professors: “Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.” (Winston Churchill)

In the case of Virág, we are really not talking about an average Hungarian. It sounds like she is putting in a lot of work into those things she enjoys the most and benefits from them with nice results and muscles awarded by Arnold Schwarzenegger. Not bad! From the diverse students of McDaniel College Virág is one individual the college can be really proud of.

Let’s wish Virág luck for her upcoming competitions and exams and don’t be shy to walk up to her in her last semester and congratulate her if you see her.

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