Enjoy College By Getting Involved

Kate Delenick

Co Editor-in-Chief

It may feel like you just finished signing your best friend’s high school yearbook; or you’re just putting away your cap and gown, but it’s time to kiss those high school days goodbye.

Though it can be nervous and even frustrating time in your life, there is no need to fret because on the Hill you can hop right into the mix of things and easily become disguised as an upperclassmen or at least a knowledgeable freshman.

How to succeed in this awkward transition stage of your life? The equation is actually fairly simple and easier than any of the SAT questions you answered to get into this school. You + Getting involved in McDaniel Clubs/Organizations = Success!

Although McDaniel may be smaller than many colleges its huge in the opportunities it provides to be an involved student. You can join some of the following areas of activities: Greek Life, College Republicans/Democrats, Intramural Sports, Media Groups, Cultural or Ethnic Groups, Academic Clubs, or Religious and Musical Groups just to name a few areas that may be of interest.

Joining any of these organizations will automatically introduce you to some students in your class and even upperclassmen. If you can’t decide whether you want to join college democrats or Terror TV go to both meetings. You might find that you’re really interested in both or that you’re not interested in either. In any case you gave it a shot, probably were introduced to some people, and can always try a new club the following week.

As far as the social scene goes for freshman one word instantly comes to mind and that is Glar. You may have ten minutes to grab a quick bite or have all day to lounge around five bowls of cereal and a plate of chicken tenders. Whatever the case is, Glar is the social arena whether you are a freshman, senior, athletic coach, or faculty member.

The second place you need to familiarize yourself with is Hoover Library. Of course, in high school you wouldn’t be caught dead in the library but once the semester kicks into gear the library becomes a hot spot for all college students. Sure the main reason you should go to the library is to study and get work done and not to see if you can run into that hot kid from your Biology Class, I assure you your chances of running into him or her in the library is much greater than if you lock yourself in your dorm room all night.

Good luck young newbies at McDaniel College. Your time here will be full of lasting memories and lifelong friends. Make sure you stop and take a look around every once and a while because you know it you’ll be starting your senior year.