Too Cold to Play Outside? Some Indoor Fun Ideas

Krystina Shultz

Staff Reporter

Cabin fever sounds fun until you’re the one sitting and staring at the wall. When McDaniel was hit with the astronomic snowstorm last year, students were left stranded inside wondering what to do with no homework to postpone completing and no classes to fulfill their time.

The weather has slowly been getting cooler once again, and we know that winter is just around the corner. During February’s snowstorm, students began to get creative to avoid boredom. My suite-mates enjoyed having fights and going on interesting adventures.

From my experiences with the bitter cold weather that Mother Nature has had in store in the past, I have come up with a few pointers for times like these in the future.

First of all, to avoid the cold, make sure you are comfortable. Think of what keeps you warm; hot food and drinks, fuzzy socks, a comfy sweater, and the warmest spot in your dorm or house.

Then, decide if you want to have an active or relaxing day. If you want to be active it may be a good idea to call some friends to play ninja, twister, or a boisterous game of cards.

Not into games? Try exercising or even simply stretching. If you want to relax, try quiet music and a fun activity or work on that novel/painting/project that you never have the time to finish.

If you really can’t think of anything, then turn to your fellow students for ideas because they are bound to have something fun in store.

Here is what McDaniel students do to occupy their time when wandering outside is definitely not an option.

“If it’s cold or raining outside I like to stay indoors, watch movies, listen to music, and drink hot chocolate and tea.” Kwei Maduot-Parek, Junior.

“Puzzles. Video Games.” Tyler Justice, Sophomore.

“I do the stereotypical thing; a cup of tea and a book (a non-school related book). Or I go find someone to bug within the dorm.” Brittany Nicholls, Sophomore.

“Snuggle up with good music.” Melanie Darling, Junior

“I watch the USA today all day and all night.” Tatiana Belinkie, Junior.

“I knit. Reading. Listen to music ’cause it makes you less bored.” Kat Dales, Freshman.

“Hang out with friends. Video games. Crochet. I sew.” Alyssa Zell, Freshman.

“Last year when it snowed, me and my best friends would play Dungeons and Dragons all day.” Nathaniel Null, Senior.

The overall consensus: find a relaxing activity and make yourself a hot drink. If all else fails, make a list of every activity that you enjoy and then pick the one that sounds the most appealing. Or follow Brittany’s advice and find a friend to bug.