Meet Your Class, 2013!

Incoming Freshman are Diverse, Accomplished

Roxanne Fleischer

News Co-Editor

Congratulations are in order for members of the class of 2013. You one of 2,006 first year students who made it through orientation by dutifully following around your peer mentors whose job it was to safely and effectively transport you from event to event throughout the week.

As one of these 2,006 incoming freshman, you are simultaneously feeling excitement and dread for this semester; you chose to be here, but, unfortunately, being here means work.

But while you’re here, you might as well get to know your class.

Your class is comprised of students from 26 different states including DC and six different countries outside of the U.S.

Eighteen percent of your class are multicultural students, a higher percentage than the past six incoming classes.

Sixty-two percent of you are from Maryland, and 17 percent of you are from good-ole Carroll County.

A whopping seven percent of you are “legacies” on the ‘Hill’ which means that a relative of yours either went here or currently is still here.

The male to female ratio is 50/50, a perfect equilibrium between the sexes. In the previous six years’ incoming classes, there have been less men than women; this once upon a time benefit for males no longer exists.

In a speech to the faculty, Florence Hines, Vice President and Enrollment Management and Dean of Admissions reported on your class, giving a summary on the kind of people you are.

Hines described your class as having a “different kind of profile.” She is right. Many of you have traveled all over the world, but not just for the sake of traveling, but to learn or volunteer, helping with tsunami relief in Sri Lanka or in medical clinics in Peru or El Salvador.

Others of you served communities in the U.S., spending time at animal shelters and youth programs or raising money for the hungry and homeless.

Still, more of you are just plain interesting. You have started working towards your careers early, learned more about culture, and explored nature. You have worked, you have played, you have done what you love.

Welcome to McDaniel, Class of 2013. You will spend the next four years here meeting new and interesting people with at least one thing in common: you chose to go to college on the ‘Hill.’