Greeks Positive, Fun on Campus

Kim Williams

Features Editor

If socials, community service, and a close group of friends sound appealing, a fraternity or sorority is something to seriously consider for anyone new to campus. While student participation in Greek Life is not pervasive on campus, with Mitchell Alexander, Director of College Activities, surmising 13-14% student body involvement, McDaniel College still has some vibrant Greek letter organizations for those interested.

The sororities to consider are Alpha Nu Omega, Phi Alpha Mu, Phi Mu, and Phi Sigma Sigma. The social fraternities are Alpha Sigma Phi, Kappa Delta Rho, Phi Delta Theta, Phi Kappa Sigma and Alpha Gamma Tau (Bachelors).

One feature of Greek Life is giving back to the community. For example, Casey Crough, president of Phi Mu, explains that Phi Mu is “a social sorority and also participate[s] in community service. As a national organization, we raise money for our national philanthropy, Children’s Miracle Network.” Lindsay Anderson, president of Phi Sigma Sigma, says that “Philanthrophic efforts for us range from soup kitchens, Relay for Life, St. Jude Children’s Hospital, to making stockings and cards for Carroll Lutheran Village, Rock-a-thon, Alcohol Awareness Month Luminaries, etc. It’s an important aspect we never forget.”

Rushing is not the right decision for everyone. There are countless other activities to take part in on campus, such as athletics, the paper, honor societies, and more. However, if becoming involved in Greek Life seems appealing, the next decision is which organization to choose. While all fraternities and sororities participate in philanthropy, another important aspect is the bonds of friendship and the positive effect of the organization on the members’ lives. The rushing process will be enlightening as to which specific group is the best fit, but in reference to the Greek Life experience many students had positive remarks to make which might enlighten prospective pledges beforehand.

Kaiti Reynolds, president of Alpha Nu Omega, says “The way I always describe why someone should consider joining Alpha Nu Omega is because we are a very diverse group of girls that know how to have fun with each other, but also know how to get down to business when need be. We aren’t the stereotypical sorority from the movies; we are just a fun group of girls!”

Anderson comments that “I see our chapter’s mission as to not only set a good example in our community, but to be the positive change in it.” She continues “Someone should consider rushing Phi Sig because we are fun and classy women. We take time to be immersed in collegiate activities as well as taking the time to hang out and make everlasting memories.” Crough says about her sorority that “Phi Mu provided me with a strong group of women who I am proud to say are my sisters.”

Nick Bender, president of Phi Delta Theta, says “Phi Delta Theta is a social fraternity, and will enrich an individual’s social experience here at McDaniel College, as well as provide a great way to network with alumni post-graduation.” He continues “To me it means having the power to host [charitable] events, to meet new people, and grow with experiences that a non-Greek student will graduate without.”

Fernando Gomes, a member of Phi Kappa Sigma, remarks that “Joining Phi Kap gave me a connection to an awesome group of guys that I know I can always depend on, whether I need someone to talk to about a personal problem, or simply just someone to sit with in Glar.”

Atlee Baker, president of Alpha Sigma Phi, says, “We are interested in helping young men… find a major, getting them involved in community service, … supporting them if they are struggling academically, or helping them bud socially.” He continues, “I know it has had a profound impact on my life.”

In regards to choosing a fraternity, Baker adds that “Part of this…is finding the right fraternity to fit the interested individual.” While the members of all Greek organizations will espouse the benefits of joining up, in the end it comes down to discovering individually whether that group is a comfortable fit.

While McDaniel does have a policy requiring freshman to wait until second semester to be a member, it is certainly something to consider in the near future. A common theme amongst those involved is the incredibly positive influence, with Anderson, Reynolds and Baker all referring to joining as, “the best decision” they’ve made on campus. So consider that Greek organizations offer an opportunity to perform charitable acts, get involved on campus, and meet a new and possibly lifelong group of people. Either way, remember that whether a fraternity or sorority is in your future or not, your experience on the hill is sure to be memorable!