New Fraternity at McDaniel

In recent months, many new letters have been seen around McDaniel’s campus. Emblazoned in purple and gold, the brothers of SAE (Sigma Alpha Epsilon or SAE, Maryland Mu Colony) have shown their pride of their fraternity. Now, this band of brothers has spring recruitment to look forward to in the hopes of becoming a full-fledged chapter as part of McDaniel College’s greek life.

To give a little background information; SAE is the largest North American college social fraternity. It was founded at the University of Alabama on March 9, 1856. Of all existing national social fraternities today, Sigma Alpha Epsilon is the only one founded in the Antebellum South.

Its national headquarters, the Levere Memorial Temple, was established on Northwestern University campus in Evanston, Illinois in 1929.

As of 2015, Sigma Alpha Epsilon has initiated more than 325,000 members, since badge numbers were first issued, and has approximately 15,000 active undergraduate members at 219 active chapters and 20 colonies, according to the organization’s website (

On March 7, 2014, SAE got rid of their pledging process at all chapters and colonies.

“We have experienced a number of incidents and deaths, events with consequences that have never been consistent with our membership experience,” said Bradley M. Cohen, who is the Eminent Supreme Archon or President of SAE.

McDaniel’s SAE colony has started fresh and without any major controversies. During spring recruitment the organization gained 7 new members and expects to bring in enough members to become a chapter. To do so the colony must go through the following steps:

Officer and Member Development: The men invited to join SAE will begin working with headquarters staff and alumni to identify leaders and to begin the member education process. SAE does not utilize a pledge process; rather all members are active from day one in order to participate in a four-year educational experience.

Follow-Up: Following colonization, the Coordinator of Expansion will visit the campus at least once a semester or more depending on the needs of the colony.

Periodic Evaluation: The colony will be evaluated on a monthly basis using monthly reports located in the colony’s manual.

Installation: Sigma Alpha Epsilon’s goal is to install a new chapter 12-18 months after the colonization, but that time frame is dependent on the overall success of the colony. Staff and alumni members will conduct an on-site installation and the formal initiation ceremony.

SAE looks to enlist 50 members gaining the eligibility to become an active chapter.

Many of the brothers look to get off to a good start at McDaniel and are very excited about spring recruitment.

Harry Nitzberg, a brother of SAE said:

“What excites me most is how far we have come in the past year. Our philanthropic, fundraiser, and scholastic pursuits have come along well.”

SAE has come a long way at the College in a short amount of time; they have had a positive outlook on the future. Eventually they look to capitalize on the benefits becoming a full-fledged chapter at McDaniel will bring.