Articles by Daniel Valentin-Morales

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New Fraternity at McDaniel

In recent months, many new letters have been seen around McDaniel’s campus. Emblazoned in purple and gold, the brothers of SAE (Sigma Alpha Epsilon or SAE, Maryland Mu Colony) have…

Is Your Resident Assistant a Snitch?

Resident Assistants have a reputation on campus as goody-two-shoes and snitches; however, this is not how they should be viewed. Each resident, holding on to his or her opinion, differs…

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What Defines A Hipster?

The hipster movement originated in the 1990s, when millennials began to move to urban areas. At McDaniel College, there are many students from a plethora of different backgrounds, and array…

McDaniel’s Secret Garden: A Hidden Gem

Students at McDaniel might think they know every single location on campus, but when you ask students about the location of McDaniel’s garden, most of the responses are along the…

Halloween Photo Essay

Many parts of McDaniel’s campus were decorated for Halloween. Staff and students alike dressed in costumes. Clubs sponsored events to celebrate Halloween    

Marshall Betts and His Journey to Reach His Dream

In Brownsville, Texas, a McDaniel alumnus signed a professional baseball contract. Marshall Betts ’14 journeyed after his senior year on the Hill to a Texas developmental camp to become discovered….