The Equalizer: Another Successful Denzel Film

Photo courtesy of Pixabay user geralt.

Spend the eleven dollars. Do it. Spend the eleven dollars at the movie theater to see Denzel Washington’s new movie “The Equalizer.” Initially, after seeing the commercials and reading the reviews, it kind of seemed like another “Taken”-type of spin-off, but it’s actually not, which was a pleasant surprise.

Much of the written reviews talked about how the plot circulated around Washington’s character saving a prostitute, which, in all honesty, is the back story. First of all, the murkiness of Washington’s character is what really draws you in. The audience never really gets a clear cut picture of his background or his history. Things like that are only ever alluded to, and it makes his character that much more interesting to watch because you never know what to anticipate.

However, this movie is not for the faint of heart. Even though it’s not at a “Saw”-level of goriness, there is rather graphic content in regards to the character’s secret career of choice. But to some, this is just action-packed film of ultimate badass-ness.

For all the cinema majors, film connoisseurs or people who just like to think beyond what they see on the screen, “The Equalizer” offers this as well, and at a rather satisfactory level. The use of camera angles, double entendre and superimposition of scenes is not so much that it overwhelms the audience and distracts them from the film, but it does provide nice little treats for you to dissect after the film has ended.

Overall, the movie provides an intriguing and entertaining storyline with lots of fast-paced action. The underlying storyline focusing on ethics, morals and right and wrong is a definite twist on the typical action movie. The moral of this story? Scrape the inside of your pockets for the eleven dollars to see the movie this weekend. You’re welcome.