Sex on the Hill: Getting Down and Dirty

Everyone knows the feeling. You’re stressed, easily annoyed, and just generally cranky. The smallest things bother you. You lose the will to interact with other people. You are a sexually frustrated horndog.

There are several ways for you to deal with this, several of which are illegal in all fifty states, but there are other, more law-abiding options. You can hike up your jeans, put on your going-out shirt, and hit campus hard, hoping that whatever you end up in bed with is as attractive the next morning as it was last night. Or you can take the more drawn out approach, and start asking people out on dates and hope that it goes somewhere fast.

Or, you can get down with yourself. Now stay with me. There are an incredible amount of taboos associated with masturbation.

It is expected that guys masturbate, it’s just not discussed. Bring up the idea of female masturbation, however and people freeze up in terror.

This is absurd. Females have needs equal to or surpassing that of guys, and have an array of sex toys to prove it. Yes, there are sex toys for men as well, but they come with their own, very different reputation.

No one should ever feel ashamed for carrying out what are basic human needs. Additionally, no one should ever be judged. It’s just not fair.

Masturbation is good for you: it releases endorphins, lowers your heart rate, and warms you up. It can help you fall asleep, or it can help you wake up.

So why should something so healthy be so taboo? Really the reason that everything else sexual is so taboo, is just because society has evolved that way.

So, when you have some time off from all that schoolwork, lock your door, dim the lights, light some incense, and see what you can find.

And let’s try not to cringe every time the subject is brought up.