Sex on the Hill: Tech-ually Active

When the topic of sex arises, most think of an intimate, physical act between two people. Yet, in this new age of technology, couples have found more ways to get personal without going to the bedroom. As technology progresses, so do the different ways to connect sexually: phone sex, “sexting”, and now the latest trend— Skype sex.

Skype is a free online video chat that gives people a way to talk and see each other while speaking. This is where all the advantages lie. A junior girl says Skype was helpful for her long distance relationship, especially because she could only see her boyfriend two or three times a semester before Skype. Now, using Skype, they are able to get intimate every time they feel the urge. While it is fun for both of them, she finds that it is a taboo subject to talk about in front of others because it is a newer concept.

This becomes evident as more girls are willing to speak out about tech-sex experiences than boys. Many guys on this campus claim to never participate in it and assume that no other guys do either. Some men admitted they did not feel comfortable giving up any information about sex through Skype. One junior male said, “Men have Skype sex, but only as a last resort or a desperate resort to see a woman.”

He also reasoned that “only men faithful to their girlfriends would have any interest.” Generally men are more open about their sex lives than women. What is it about having Skype sex makes a man feel uncomfortable or ashamed?

Perhaps the fear of someone finding racy pictures or videos makes men want to avoid informing others?

But what keeps men from confessing their video chat secrets is really what is preventing a lot of women from doing it at all. A sophomore girl expressed her apprehensiveness, “even if the guy is your boyfriend, he has the power of taking pictures of you and possibly using them against you if you are to break up.” For a couple to participate in Skype sex, there has to be a strong bond of trust within the relationship.

Having sex through Skype can be a fun way to stay sexually involved when you are in a long distance relationship, but if you begin to become causal, it can also become dangerous. If you are looking to have a fun sexual experience but are not in a relationship, the best way is to find someone available to you physically. It’s always the better sex to begin with.