New TVs Now Display SGA Channel 80

Megan Robinson

Co News Editor

Students returning for the spring semester may notice new LCD televisions in popular locations around campus. These new TVs display the new Student Government Assembly channel, which in addition to being shown on the new TVs, can also be viewed on campus cable station 80.

The channel was created as a central place for students to look at to find out about events and happenings around campus. The station will display weather, campus and national news, upcoming events on campus, sports media, and advertisements from clubs.

Clubs and other organizations from around campus can submit pages and news request to be displayed on the channel by submitting to the SGA a form which can be found on the student intranet. Ben Cowman, Executive Vice President of SGA, said the channel was created to take general information and provide it in a way students would be interested in looking at.

The LCD televisions displaying the channel are located in Englar Dining Hall, outside of the Pub, and by the Information Desk in Decker. Cowman said the SGA is looking to expand the project to include placing televisions in academic buildings and resident halls.

This project was eight months in the making, according to Cowman. He said that he and Dave Castle, SGA President, first got the idea at a leadership conference last spring. After some debate over the format, they decided on a broadcast channel on the campus’s closed circuit cable. The channel itself is maintained by SGA Vice President of Communications, sophomore Brendon Coll.

SGA is the visionary behind the project, but not the only financial contributor. The project is additionally funded by the College Activities Office, Information Technology, and the Physical Plant.