Sex on the Hill: On Top of the Hill

On Top of the Hill

This feature is for all of the perverts at McDaniel College. I’m sure you skipped over the other sections of this newspaper and came right to this one, didn’t you? Sex intrigues you, doesn’t it? It’s in the songs you listen to and it’s in the TV shows you watch.

Don’t lie, you probably find Snooki and The Situation totally hot. It’s in the ads that get young people like you to believe that you’re incredibly ugly and need to be like the models that throw on 30 pounds of makeup and have been Photoshopped to death. Sex is also most definitely on college campuses. It could have possibly occurred in your room while you visited your grandmother over the weekend.

Ok, so maybe you’re not a pervert. Maybe you’re just curious about sex. Maybe you’re reading this section to get a funny, yet educated perspective about it. You could possibly be wondering if young adults are really sex crazed or if the media is just exaggerating our daily lives.

Well, let’s refocus on the idea of your roommate possibly getting it on while you visited your 70 year old grandma. Wouldn’t it be interesting to get an idea of how many students at McDaniel College are actually having sex?

I took a small sample of 50 people (25 males and 25 females) and surveyed them. People of all races were included and not only the class of 2015 was surveyed but also some DMC-ers .  Even juniors got into the mix.

56% of both males and females are having sex while 44% are not. This may not be shocking, but what is shocking is that 42% of the surveyors are actually comfortable talking to their parents about sex.

Another big shocker is that 50% disagree that the media is doing a good job of portraying sex. Some may also find it surprising that 76% said that sex should happen between two people who love or care about each other, so it is less about physical attraction.

What blew my mind the most is that 52% actually believe that abstinence is the best way to prevent STD’s and pregnancy. Still, what is discouraging is that 80% know a teenage girl who has been pregnant within the past year.

What can be learned from this is that not everyone is doing it! Talking about sex, yes, even with your parents, may help you to make wise decisions. TV shows and movies are scripted, and sex can actually be awkward and the least romantic in real life.  Finally, with those who have good taste, buying a pack of condoms costs way less than a baby.