Phi Mu Senior Profiles

Carissa Grove


-Hometown: Boonsboro, MD


-Major: Biology and Spanish Double Major


-Favorite Class: Molecular Biology


-Favorite memory: Pledging Phi Mu


-Worst memory: Organic Chemistry


-Plans after graduation: Attend the environmental biology graduate school program at Hood College and get married :)


-Advice for underclassmen: Enjoy the time with your friends because four years goes way too fast


-Activities: MemberĀ of Beta Beta Beta, Gamma Sigma Epsilon, Phi Sigma Iota, Order of Omega, Gamma Sigma Alpha, ALPS, McDaniel Tennis Team, Phi Mu




Emily Davis


-Major: Sociology
-Minor: Elementary Education


-Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
-Favorite Class: Digital photography
-Favorite Memory: Spending Fall 2009 in Budapest, Hungary with some of my best friends!
-Worst Memory: Leaving for Budapest, Hungary because I wasn’t going to see my friends or be back at McDaniel for 9 months!
-Plans after graduation: Student teaching at William Winchester Elementary for Fall 2012 and potentially moving to Baltimore.
-Advice for underclassmen: Get involved! Stay out too late on a school night! Enjoy those nights where you just hang out in the quad with your best friends because the weather is perfect or spend a night in with Chinese and a movie. Those are some of the moments you will cherish the most.


-Activities: Phi Mu, International Peer Mentor, Student Ambassador, E-Ambassador



Linsey Turkett

-Major: History

-Minor: French and Art History


-Hometown: Annapolis, MD

-Favorite Class: Fears & Fascinations of 19th Century Europe

-Favorite Memory: Going on my overseas Jan-Term in 2010 to central Europe. It was my first time out of the States and we went to five countries! Since then I have been back once, and I plan on traveling there again in the future.

-Worst Memory: Walking across campus in the wind.

-Plans after graduation: Actively applying to jobs! I want to eventually be in New York City working at a museum or in an office.

-Advice for underclassmen: Get all of your requirements out of the way early–that way you can have a relaxing senior year (minus the CAPStone!)

-Activities: Phi Mu sorority, Order of Omega, Peer Mentor, Writing Center tutor, tea-drinking, watching SVU marathons, shopping.


Kara Owens


-Major: Studio Art with an Art History specialization

-Minor: German, Environmental Policy and Science

-Hometown: Doylestown, PA
-Favorite Class: All of the ones for my major and minors. What’s the point of getting the degree in them if you don’t love them?
-Favorite Memory: Mud-sliding freshman year. A few girls and guys I knew and I went out to the football bowl hill and went mud-sliding with plastic bags one fall rainstorm. It ended with puddle wars, stupid videos, hot showers, and new friends.
-Worst Memory: The many, many times I have lost both my dorm and car keys on campus. Words to the wise: get a lanyard and many key chains to make your keys as visible as you can! Otherwise, you’ll never find them.
-Plans after graduation: To work at an office job that I’ve had since I was 14 for a year to get money and skills since I’ve just been given new responsibilities because the job will last longer than only a summer. Afterwards, I plan on applying to different dive shops around the globe and hopefully will gain an internship or job at a dive shop and become a diving instructor.

-Advice for freshmen: Take chances and do things and talk with people you thought you never would in high school. What’s the point of having four years to learn about books if you don’t learn new things about yourself as well? Talk to people sitting alone in glar, make friends with the people on your floor, go to parties, host a geeky t.v. show marathon party, go through greek recruitment, and live a little. You have four years on this campus, make the most of them and have no regrets.
-Activities: Phi Mu, Art Club, Flag Football, Volunteering (Serrv, Relay for Life, Up Til Dawn), Running (for fun and 5K’s)


Megan Reilly

Major: Spanish

Minor: Business Administration

Hometown: Drexel Hill, PA

Favorite class: Arabic, hands down. I wish I had started it sooner.

Favorite memory: Meeting Joanna C. Boccio. Living in the Spanish House Junior year is a close second.

Worst memory: Eating on the porch while Glar was going through renovation.

Plans after graduation: For the summer, I have the opportunity to intern in LaSalle University’s Office of Financial Aid as an interpreter to help parents and adult students who don’t speak English well or at all. In the fall, I have an internship lined up with Senator McCain’s office in Washington D.C. Hopefully I will eventually be able to get a job (preferrably with the government) in which I will be able to utilize and further develop my language skills in Spanish, Arabic, and ASL.

Advice for underclassmen: Don’t drink the jungle juice.

Activities: Phi Mu (Phi Director), Senior Class Council (Co-chairperson), Student-Alumni Council (President), Peer Mentor/Advisory Board Member, donning the Green Terror mascot suit from time to time