An Apology from the Editors: Regarding the Coach Seibert piece

The McDaniel Free Press would like to apologize for an error we recently made in posting Shawn Beaumont’s piece, “Baseball Players May Face Inconsistent Sanctioning for Tobacco and Marijuana Use.”

The Free Press takes pride in practicing journalism with integrity.  The article was submitted as an Opinion piece, and it was an error to label it as News. We aim to be objective, thorough, and honest in our news reporting.

With that said, the commentary/opinion section is a platform for the McDaniel community to engage in conversation, and that often includes people sharing opinions and biases.

We apologize for the error.  The story has been moved to the appropriate section of the website, commentary/opinion.

We appreciate your feedback and are working to create clear guidelines for commentary submissions so that in the future, the Free Press can try to ensure, as much as possible, the accuracy of commentary/opinion pieces.