It’s Easy To Stay Connected

Did you grow up in church? Do you like being involved with the church? Why stop when in college? Have you never been involved with a church or want to? If any of these questions spark interest in you. Come out; get involved at Christian Revival Center (CRC). All are welcomed.

Like many college students, I too have left home to come to college, but I was determined to stay connected with a church body. I am a sophomore here at McDaniel College and I attend Christian Revival Center. It is a very warm place and I can honestly say we are family. Everyone is very welcoming. Bishop Curry and one of the ladies from CRC have helped and supported me with getting an Apostolic Club (ACO-Apostolic Community Outreach) started here on campus.

There are many opportunities to stay involved, grow in the Lord, or experience God for the first time. No reason to stop being connected with the body of Christ while in college. Stay connected. Spiritual wellness is important. College is the time to make memories and grow… what better time to grow spiritually. For more information about meeting times I can be reached at