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It is understood that college is first and foremost a place for higher learning. I feel blessed to be able to have the opportunity to attend McDaniel. It is a college known for it’s intimate learning environment and their personable instructors. This is what attracts most of the people to this college in the first place. However there is not much outside of that.

A lot of people I talk to have the same complaints; there is not much to do outside of class. Maybe these kids need to stop sulking and get more active. Maybe they should dive into their studies instead of looking for another party. This could be the case for some, but when this comment is constantly heard around campus there must be some underlying truth to it. There are many different ways to fix this problem. McDaniel could host concerts or more stand up comedy acts on campus. Even student run groups could host other events besides a clubroom party once a month. Having a more active student body would allow people to interact with others and create a less segregated campus.

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  1. It’s ironic that the day you posted this there was a comedian on campus in the pub hosted by Green Terror Productions (gtp).

  2. There is a lot to do on campus, it just sometimes gets lost in the fast paced schedule most students have. there is a new movie playing almost every weekend, comedians once a month, sports games, the game room and trips, The office of student engagement is always looking students with new ideas and suggestions for activities and events for McDaniel. Spring fling and homecoming are two of the biggest events on our campus and OSE opens the planning up to students. They slready provide a lot for us to do and if we want more we need to exoress it to them and then assist them in making the idea a reality. Unfortunately we are still a small school and therefore do not have a budget like Towson does where we could have snoop dog at spring fling. however, if we stopped complaining about there being nothing to do (which really isn’t very true in the first place) and started coming together as a student body to attend events and fundraise I have no doubt we could raise money and petition to have all kinds of events on campus. You get out what you put in, the OSE and McDaniel in general does a lot for its students but if you want change you have to put in the effort.

  3. Megan Griffin | November 30, 2012 at 9:10 am |

    There are many things that people can get involved with on this campus. Some of the things that I am involved with are the Homecoming Committee and the Spring Fling Committee. Each of these committees is in charge of creating these campus wide events that everyone participates in. From the t-shirts to the events, to the prizes and more, these committees are a great way to get involved outside of the academic side of McDaniel. I am also involved in many of the education clubs, being an elementary education minor, and those clubs are great ways to get in contact with people within the county, as well as getting great teacher benefits. There are plenty of extracurricular activities for students to do on this campus, they just have to actively look into their options and attend a meeting or two!

  4. The Office of Student Engagement does a lot of events to help this exact problem. Green Terror Productions is the student programming board and we do events every week that are fun and enjoyable and always free. Every other friday night is a movie in Decker Auditorium that was just out of theaters but isn’t on DVD yet. Also we do free events on Tuesday afternoon and evenings. These range from comedians, hypnotists and music to painting pottery and making an air brush shirt. If you’re looking for something to do I strongly reccomend stopping by the OSE office (across the hall from glar) or look on OrgSync and also the Green Terror Productions facebook page and personal websites.
    Or on Twitter- @GTPMcDaniel

  5. McDaniel has a lot to offer! This semester, Green Terror Productions (GTP) hosted lots of different events on campus. GTP brought two comedians this semester, had lots of activities you could do for free, such as spin art stunner shades, make your own street sign, tye dye on the square, pumpkin painting, paint your own pottery, and more! GTP also provided the movies on Friday in Decker and the weekend events like Hershey Park, the Zoo, Wicked, Renaissance Fair, Bowling, and even this weekend, a trip to Hunt Valley Mall.

    I agree with you on having a more active student body! Students are allowed to start their own club here. Having a more active student body would also make events more fun.

    If you have ideas you want to share with Student Engagement or GTP, I would hope you do so! GTP meets Mondays at 7 in Leidy Room. Please contact Lindsey Henderson with more information.

  6. I’m actually apart of a group on campus called GTP (green terror productions) and we host numerous events on campus all the time. Just this past Tuesday we had a live comedian come to the pub and there was a great turn out! This semester we’ve also had a paint your own pottery night, decorate your own pair of sunglasses, and many more; not to mention we’ve played numerous movies in decker auditorium. There’s a movie playing tonight if you want to see it! ;)

    I’m also apart of the weekend blitz planning committee which plans events for the weekends. We’ve done things like go to Hershey park and go cosmic bowling; there’s always a great turnout!

    I think people just need to lookout for fun things to do on campus because I know they’re there! :)

  7. I am a member of Green Terror Productions and I want students to be aware that there are things to do on campus. Recently, we had a stand-up comedian and we are showing a movie tonight. Also, events from various groups are posted on campus emails, social networks (Facebook and Twitter), and all around campus.

  8. Serena Hueitt | November 30, 2012 at 1:24 pm |

    Nothing fun to do? I will not lie, I got a little upset reading this post. I am actively involved in many organizations on this campus. While I have a lot of work to do, I have a lot of fun being a part of multiple organiztaions and creating fun things for the students here at McDaniel. This is possible due to Green Terror Productions (GTP) and the Weekend Blitz Trip planning committee. In both these organizations I along with other students am able to create fun and sometimes free events for the stundents here on campus. In fact, every Tuesday there is usually a free event on campus that was planned by GTP. There is also trips that one can attend that are usually half price of the normal price it would be to attend. For example, this semester there was a weekend trip to Hershey Park for only fifteen dollars! There is also movies shown in Decker auditorium almost every Friday at 7pm and 10pm. I do not know what else the students here could possibly ask for, when we also reach out by facebook to get ideas from the students about some events they would like to see here on campus. I hope this helps and that you can find some fun things to do here on campus.

  9. Green Terror Productions hosts comedians, movies, and other activities on an almost weekly basis. If people are bored on campus, they should consider joining GTP so they can be a part of planning the activities. Maybe then they would have something to do or at least know when things are going on. There ARE things to do on campus. People simply don’t read the posters around campus or read their campus announcements.

  10. While GTP and OSE do plan a LOT of events, they’re not the only ones. Most of the student organizations plan events, but are frustrated that people do not go to them. Instead of complaining that there’s nothing to do, students should actively seek out what is being offered, because there’s a lot. Actually skim over the campus announcements and bulletin boards. Film club plays movies mutliple times a month. HvZ holds missions. International Cub hosts an annual dinner. Allies had a spoken work and hip hop act come in earlier this semester. It seems that Advocacy Team has something going on every week. Those are only a few examples, but many campus organizations feel that their events are under-attended. So, support you campus organizations, because when people show up to their events, it motivates them to do even more, and more importantly, justifies their funding requests to SGA, enabling them to plan even better events. Student-run groups definitely do way more than host clubrooms, and it’s kind of insulting to insinuate otherwise, because that nullifies all of the hard work these groups put into their events.

  11. I actually have been thinking… there actually might be an OVER abundance of things to do on campus. With so many random club events and OSE events and Green Terror Productions and uq till dawn and heroes helping hopkins, etc… it may be turning into an issue of over-saturation. Like all those events just get lost in a din of flyers and campus wide emails. It’s kind of like watching satellite tv… a thousand channels but nothing to watch.

  12. Bored? Weekends dull? Contact anyone in theatre (students, staff, fac) and you will never have a boring weekend @ McDaniel if you get involved with us. Guaranteed. How? Contact

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