Choices: A McDaniel Tradition in the Midst of Improvement

Choices has been part of McDaniel tradition for a long time, teaching incoming first year students how to make the right choices (pun intended) by using the most popular pop culture references of the summer. The writers for this year’s show did not fall short on references, alluding to hot, controversial events such as the 2015 G.O.P Debate to more mellow events such as the new Pixar’s movie Inside Out.

This year, however, Choices incorporates a new section to the beloved line-up of pop-culture-based skits: The Privilege Walk.

The Privilege Walk consisted on the cast of Choices lining up on stage in a straight, even line which represented how life is a race. The skit continued, showing the reality of privilege by having each cast member take a step forward or backward depending on whether or not their situation was true to the statement presented upon them.

The reaction of the public varied, with some of the incoming students being surprised, and even shocked, by the great difference of privilege among the cast members, while others took the skit as a fact of life.

Nevertheless, everyone can agree the skit surely taught the class of 2019 how to use their privilege to make the McDaniel community a better community.