Senior Profile: Bradley Hull

Photo courtesy of Bradley Hull.

What is your preferred name and major(s) and minor(s)?

I guess Bradley is my preferred name although thanks to ROTC I’ll respond to Hull or pretty much anything. I am a Sociology major with a minor in Urban Studies and a specialization in Criminology.

What are some of the jobs you held at McDaniel?

I never had an on campus job but I’ve been active in the theatre and I’ve helped with freshman move in day for the last three years through ROTC.

What organizations were you part of at McDaniel?

I am a member of ROTC, Phi Delta Theta, and Alpha Psi Omega theatre fraternity.

How much did you enjoy your time at McDaniel?

I had a great time at McDaniel; I’ve met wonderful people and had great experiences but I definitely it is time to move on to the next chapter of my life.

Who do you think is/was your best mentor(s)?

It’s hard to narrow down the list to a single best mentor, but I think my advisor Dr. Lemke is near the top, she has always been able to give me sound advice for my academic career and with anything else I could ask about with all the comfort and cheer there is to offer.

What were some of the challenges you encountered and how did you overcome them?

Working with new people is always a challenge, but also a great way to grow as a person. The only solution to challenges where other people are involved is to talk it out and make sure that you can clearly communicate how you feel.

What are your plans for after graduation?

After graduation I’m going down to make a big shift and move up to Alaska, there’s plenty of hiking and fishing I need to catch up on and the fact that the Army is sending me there is a good motivator.

What is your best memory at McDaniel? What is your worst memory at McDaniel?

Oddly enough my best and worst memories came in the same day, as a freshman when I first walked through the arch and rang the bell I was filled with an awe of this awesome campus and all the possibilities, but as soon as my parents got in the car and drove away I knew I was on my own and that everything was going to e different than i had ever experienced before. Coming in at a close second is coming back from Spring break Senior year and having no motivation to keep going, you can finally see the finish line and senior-itis is in full effect.

What advice can you give to those not graduating?

To those not graduating I doubt there is any piece of advice to offer which they haven’t heard before. These are the best years of your life and you should enjoy them; but something I hadn’t heard until senior year is that while it seems like college passes faster than high school ever did, it only speeds up. Soon you’ll be looking back and wonder what happened; make sure everything you do counts for something and make sure you live with no regrets.

Anything else you want to share with the world?

I guess the only other advice I have to offer is: don’t let any one thing define you, it can be so easy to join a fraternity and become engulfed in the lifestyle, similarly you can become caught up in work and lose all sight of your social life.

It is okay to say no, in everything you do; you don’t have to drink when everyone else is and you don’t have to live with a group of people just because it will help them secure a good apartment and you certainly don’t have to let anyone other than yourself have control over your body.

I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it. The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear. –Nelson Mandela