Senior profile: Bryan Ruygrok

Photo edited by Dylan Brown.

What is your preferred name and major(s) and minor(s)?

My family and professors call me Bryan. My teammates, coaches and friends all call me Rock.

Biology major, with a minor in Chemistry.

What are some of the jobs you held at McDaniel?

I used to volunteer as an EMT in Howard County and also at the Shock Trauma Center in Baltimore. I’ve worked at MedStar NRH Westminster as a PT Tech for over a year now.

What organizations were you part of at McDaniel?

Goalie for the Lacrosse team, as well as a member of the Biology (Tri-Beta) and Chemistry (GSE) Honor Societies.

How much did you enjoy your time at McDaniel?

Overall I have had a great experience at McDaniel. Being a student-athlete and working with a full class schedule has really helped me manage my time well. I have been able to maintain close relationships with my professors and the small class sizes have been great for me. All of my teammates and coaches on the lacrosse team are like my second family, and it’s awesome knowing they always have my back. I’ve had a lot of fun and will have a lot of great memories to look back on after I graduate.

Who do you think is/was your best mentor(s)?

Dr. Cheng Huang in the Biology Department really help set me up for success early on and has continued to be very helpful and supportive of me. Dr. Mitschler and Dr. McCole have also been very helpful and supportive throughout my PA journey!

What were some of the challenges you encountered and how did you overcome them?

Trying to decide between pursuing medical school and PA school. Doing my research, getting some shadowing hours/exposure to healthcare, and talking with current PAs and doctors helped me make the decision I thought would be best for me.

Taking Organic Chemistry II while in-season with lacrosse (night practices, film/lifts, traveling for games, etc.). Learning the hard way to better manage my time and taking advantage of tutoring, study groups, and homework assignments was very beneficial for me.  

What are your plans for after graduation?

In June I will be starting Physician Assistant School at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, Texas.

What is your best memory at McDaniel?

Beating Dickinson my sophomore year, tailgating for football games on the hill and other related activities with my team.

What is your worst memory at McDaniel?

Being written up by campus safety my junior year.

What advice can you give to those not graduating?

Enjoy every moment and don’t take anything for granted, 4 years goes by quick.