Polish and Glam debuts on the Hill

Members of Polish and Glam at the Aug. 29, 2018 Involvement Fair in the quad. (Photo courtesy of Polish and Glam).

Polish and Glam is finally getting started on campus.

Polish and Glam is an upcoming organization that made its first appearance this semester. Although the organization has yet to have major events, there have been plans in the works, and the organization’s executive board has been mapping out the future of the organization. The intense planning that the board has undertaken will only lead to success for Polish and Glam on the Hill.

The campus community can benefit from learning about the background of the organization, its goals, and how organizations such as Polish and Glam and Phenomenal Women aid in the advancement of women’s empowerment, equality, and success on college campuses.

College campuses are often male-dominated. However, although McDaniel prides itself on activities such tailgating, which supports the male football team, the number of women in leadership positions and the number of organizations that bring awareness to females’ relevance and roles are impressive. It leads students to wonder: is there a connection between women’s leadership and liberal arts education?

The three biggest focuses of Polish and Glam are fashion, beauty, and modeling.

Polish and Glam seeks to promote creativity through artistic projects and teach, explore, and practice three skills including beauty (makeup & self-care), modeling, and fashion exploration which in turn should boost students’– particularly women’s – confidence, self-esteem, and create a platform to express their inner queens/divas. The five overall goals of the organization include:

1. Focus on the creative exploration and expression of the members of campus and the organization through beauty, fashion and modeling.

2. Focus on women’s and men’s relaxation and pampering, as well as health and wellness. Students will plan and participate in events and activities that involve self-care and self-enhancement. Students will understand the meaning behind pampering themselves.

3. Focus on students’ planning for their future and outlining their goals, wishes and desires – mostly in the fashion and beauty industry.

4. Students will discuss and debate issues regarding college culture and norms centered on women’s images and issues within the beauty and fashion industry currently and historically.

5. Students will promote social interaction for McDaniel’s general population and members of the organization by assisting in the planning of social gatherings.

As president of Polish and Glam, I have a lot of plans for the future. We are hosting Fashion Race, similar to that of Amazing Race, on Nov. 4, which will be held in a total of six places around campus.

Secondly, we have a heel dancing class on Nov. 10, where students will meet in the dance studio to learn a choreographed dance in heels.

There are several more events planned for the future.

Meetings are held on Sundays at 12 p.m. and Wednesdays at 4 p.m. in Merritt 109.