Volunteers assist with second annual garden clean out

Students, faculty, and community members helped prepare the campus garden for the winter. (Shaquille Tairellil / McDaniel Free Press).

On Oct. 26, Green Life, Compost Club, APO, and the environmental studies department hosted their second annual “Garden Cleanout Spectacular,” a morning of service and festive fall fun.

“The fall cleaning of a garden can be a lot less fun than the excitement of a spring planting, but it seemed like everyone was having a good time,” said McDaniel’s AgroFood Systems Coordinator Elly Engle, Ph.D.

The morning was spent pulling weeds and dead plants in preparation for the coming winter months. After the weeds were pulled and the soil was properly prepared, it was covered with pieces of cardboard to keep the weeds to a minimum when the time comes to plant again in the spring.

Volunteers also planted garlic, which develops roots in the fall and winter. Garlic patches were covered with compost made from mulch and leaves collected by Grounds from around campus. After three years of sifting, the compost was finally ready to be used in the Green Terror garden.

Two picnic tables were donated by Green Life, which will sit next to the garden plot as a space for students and faculty to enjoy. The picnic tables were designed by Green Life members Jake Fine and Kylie Baker, and were painted and covered just before the rain started at the end of the clean out event.

Apple cider and donuts from Baugher’s Orchards and Farms were available for volunteers to enjoy, as well as coffee, fruit, warm egg casserole, and hot water for tea and hot chocolate.

“I especially enjoyed the art and food aspects of the event,” said Engle. “I’m consistently amazed at how that little garden can bring so many different people together, especially those that might not interact much otherwise.”

“I hope that the picnic tables and garden will continue to foster that on-campus community building into the future,” she added.