Senior Profile: Danielle Wendt

(photo courtesy of Danielle Wendt)

What is your major and minor? What other academic programs were you a part of?

I’m a double major in English and Environmental Studies (focus in Policy and Management) with a minor in American Sign Language (ASL)/Deaf Studies. I’m also a part of the Honors Program.

What are some of the jobs you held while at McDaniel?

I am a Writing Center tutor, and I was an environmental studies departmental tutor/lab assistant.

What organizations were you a part of at McDaniel? What positions did you hold?

I was a member of Alpha Phi Omega (APO), the international co-ed service fraternity, all four years of college, and after serving as the secretary for a semester, I served as the Service Vice President for two years (four semesters). I was a member of Contrast, the school’s literary magazine and writing club, all four years, serving on the editorial board as a general member for the first two and serving alongside Becca Halaney as co-editor-in-chief for the second two. I also had more minimal involvement with several other organizations throughout my time at McDaniel, including Alpha Lambda Delta (ALD), Sigma Tau Delta (STD), Omicron Delta Kappa (ODK), Phi Beta Kappa (PBK), Trumpeters, McDaniel Yoga Club, and Green Life/Sunrise McDaniel.

Have you enjoyed your time at McDaniel? If so, what did you enjoy the most?

I have definitely enjoyed my time at McDaniel (especially the parts when I was able to physically be on-campus). I think my favorite part of going to school here was getting to build a community–I have so many friends here who I hope will continue to be my friends for life, and I have met so many amazing professors who I know will always be in my corner. I’m really grateful to McDaniel for giving me that community.

Who do you think was/is your best mentor?

This is a really hard question to answer, because I have had two different homes at McDaniel with two majors, and I have had wonderful advisors in each. For environmental Studies, Dr. Engle has been an amazing support to me, because she really considers her students’ mental wellbeing in addition to pushing to explore and be creative in all of her classes, and I love and appreciate her for that so much. For English, it’s a bit of a three-way tie between Kate (Dr. Dobson), Vanessa (Professor Flora-Nakoski), and Dr. Mary, all of whom encouraged me to pursue tasks outside of my comfort zone and supported my professional development. I’m extremely indebted to all three of them for that.

What are your plans for after graduation?

I like to consider myself an environmental storyteller, so I hope that, no matter where I end up, I am telling stories about our Earth and people doing or needed important work in it.

What advice would you give yourself as a first-year student at McDaniel? 

I would advise first-year students to take the time to enjoy being here. You never know what might happen that might prevent you from meeting new people and spending time on campus to build your community and to have fun, so take advantage of that time while you can.