Englar dining hall removes take-out option

(Nikhil Niyogi, McDaniel Free Press)

Englar dining hall has taken away the option to take out food, takeout boxes used to be an option because of COVID-19, to give students a choice on where they ate. Many students are upset about the takeout boxes being removed. Takeout boxes were a big favorite among students. Students have said it made their lives easier when it came to scheduling classes, participating in sports or clubs, having to do homework, and in general, for convenience. 

“It really upsets me because it ruins my schedule. I now have to sit in Glar when I have other things to do. I was just really helpful when they were here,” said Junior Katie Kolb. 

Another student feels a similar way in a sense that after the pandemic, cases are still on the rise and feel safer taking food to go for sanitary reasons. 

“I don’t like it because after COVID, you could see how unsanitary everything was,” said senior Leslie McFadden. 

Many students feel that the takeout boxes should have remained due to convenience and having the option to eat in your room, and having some food and then having leftovers for another day.

“I think they should have kept them because a lot of people don’t have time between classes to eat lunch and sit down. It was a good alternative, especially for athletes after practice if you’re hungry and Glar was closed, so you could have something to eat in your dorm,” said sophomore Sarah Youssef.  

Other students also relate to takeout boxes making their athletic life more convenient.

“I feel like they should have kept takeout boxes. It would be convenient for different students who have classes at night, who can’t go to Glar or people who have sports practice and can’t go to Glar, so I feel like they should bring them back for those specific reasons,” said senior Caleb Evans. 

These students feel that it would be convenient for everyone including athletes and those who are in a rush to go to class or have too much homework. Not having takeout boxes poses some stress on students who are involved around campus. 

A large number of students prefer the system of having a takeout and eat-in option because then they can choose what they want to do based on their schedules. 

“Having a take-out option and eat-in option helped because it allowed people to have a choice in where they wanted to eat whether that was outside, in their room, or other places on campus,” said junior Monty Clay.  

Students have liked the option of saving food so that if they don’t have time to eat, then they have something waiting for them when they are hungry. 

When the takeout boxes were around, students who went to Glar would get the food to go very often, almost every day for some or all meals. 

“I used them pretty much at least once a day. Normally for lunch,” said junior Emma Ryan. 

Some students would also get their food to-go, because it gave them more time to do their homework. 

“I did, fairly often. I would go down to Glar and only get a to-go box because I had a lot of homework to do,” said sophomore Victoria Walston. 

“I think having a take-out option was good because not everyone wants to sit in Glar and eat as much as food as they can and save as much food as possible, so having take-out was good,” said junior Jaedyn Harris