When Glar Goes Away

Englar Dining Hall being renovated. Photo courtsey of McDaniel College Website

As we have all been made aware by the large Plexiglas and plywood barriers, Glar is not what it used to be. So, while these renovations are fully welcomed, all of us hungry students (and faculty… they eat too, you know) have been uprooted and still need to feed ourselves, right? Well, as it stands, there are four McDaniel eating options within reach.

Shall we begin with Flar? As far as I can tell, Flar (Forum Glar) is essentially the attempt to utilize the next largest space on campus in order to accommodate the large groups of people eating all at once. Student Rebecca Wilson says, “I don’t like anything about it. Though the food is about the same, there is less variety and a lot less space to eat.” To sum it up, we have a cramped version of Glar without as many options for food.

Moving onward, let’s walk a bit closer to where our Old Glar is, and hang a right. You find the “Dork” Porch. This is where all of the large groups of friends, who are all there around the same time eat every day, often having to squish two tables together to accommodate everyone. This atmosphere is essentially the same as before, maybe better. The closeness is welcome here, and the windows serve for great people watching purposes. The food itself is essentially the same, but in this setting, you are laughing too much at your friends’ jokes to care if it isn’t gourmet.

Now we get to the Pub. The Pub is quite frankly, well, the Pub. You maintain all of the options for lunch and dinner and the godsend that is Fourth Meal, which entices all groups of people to the smell of freshly fried chicken tenders or mozzarella sticks every night.

However, the one new addition to the Pub is the Grab and Go. Personally, I think this is the best thing that has come out of the Glar renovations and I don’t think I am alone in this opinion. Freshman Kami Andrews feels that “the addition of the Grab and Go is very convenient and allows us to eat on the run. It would make me happy, especially as a commuter student, to have the Grab and Go option even after New Glar has been finished.” The options might not be the greatest, but the convenience makes up for whatever is lacking otherwise.

Finally, if you are willing to make the trek cross-campus to the gym, you will find the newly dubbed Green Terrace. The eatery formerly known as Sandella’s still happens to offer a great selection of healthy food and a great setting. Shannon Conway, often found near the gym, says that “the food is really good, the big screen TV’s make it an enjoyable atmosphere.” What is better than eating food and watching a sporting event on a super big screen TV?