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Yik Yak Spurs School Policy Change

A recent post on the popular social media app Yik Yak has led administration to alter current physical plant policies. Physical plant must now adhere to the same quiet hours…

KuroPOP, a J-pop and K-pop cover band, performs at NipponCon on Mar. 7.

Yik Yak explodes over anime convention

The morning of Saturday, Mar. 7 started off as a regular morning for many students at ¬†McDaniel — that is, until brunch time. Upon entering the lower level of Decker…

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A Fact Check on Yik Yak

The McDaniel Free Press was lucky enough to recently interview Cameron Mullen, a representative from Yik Yak, the app sweeping McDaniel and colleges across the country. In the interview, special…