Out Pick Nick

Every week one brave sports reporter will get the chance to test their football knowledge by going one-on-one with the editor, Nick Brunner. This week Ben Grant will be the first victim…

According to Ben…


According to Nick…

Jay Cutler wants to prove he was worthy of two first round picks, and the Lions are the right team to do it against.


Chicago vs. Detroit


The Lion defense is just not good enough to slow anybody down enough to give their young offense a chance just yet.

The Bengals defense played well against a good Packer offense, and the Browns offense has looked confused all season.


Cincinnati vs. Cleveland


Carson Palmer and his boy Ochocinco should have a big day in the dog pound.

Peyton Manning had an insanely efficient game in Miami and the Seattle defense is not nearly as good as the Dolphins’.


Seattle vs. Indianapolis


A completely healthy Matt Hasselbeck would make this a competitive game, but Peyton will find a way to get it done at home

The Giants front seven are looking to get after the QB; Matt Cassel is banged up for the Chiefs so it may be a rough day for the boys from Kansas City.


N.Y. Giants vs. Kansas City


Lopsided match-up, however the Chiefs always tend to play hard at home so they could keep it close for a while. G-Men should prove too much to handle though

Ravens catch the Patriots at the right time, Wes Walker is banged up; Ravens defense is always tough and will win a close one.


Baltimore vs. New England


One of the best games of the week. Got a feeling it could turn into a shootout and no matter how good Flacco and the O have looked they will have trouble keeping up with Brady and Moss

The skins have not been playing well but they should handle the lowly Bucs


Tampa Bay vs. Washington


The Skins’ have a ton of problems, but they get their third JV matchup in three weeks

Tennessee off to a very slow start and will be looking to rebound against a struggling Jaguars team.


Tennessee vs. Jacksonville


Upset alert. The Titans are not the same team they were last year, if the Jags can find a way to hold the Titans run game in check look for them to get it done at home

The Texans still want to prove they are not a “finesse” team, and the Raiders are not that great.


Houston vs. Oakland


Texans O showed a glimpse of its potential back in week two, look for Steve Slayton to post strong numbers and the Texans to roll

Both teams off to hot starts and looking good, but the Saints have Drew Brees.


N.Y. Jets vs. New Orleans


Jets and rookie QB Mark Sanchez are exceeding expectations so far, but going to the Superdome may prove to be too tough a task this week

The Dolphins are no Tampa bay, but Buffalo’s offense will continue to figure it out and win a close one against Miami.


Buffalo vs. Miami


The Dolphins have been playing good football but have come up on the wrong side of the final score. Expect them to come out victorious in this divisional battle

The 49’s are playing very well and the Rams don’t have the personnel to stop Frank Gore.


St. Louis vs. San Francisco


49ers are playing very well while the Rams look lost so far this season. Everything points to a 49ers in a blow out, so I’m going with the Rams on the road

The Cowboys may have lost in their new house, but the Broncos do not have the talent to keep up with them.


Denver vs. Dallas


Tony Romo will have a big day in the big stadium. Should be a lot of points scored but expect the Cowboys to get in done.

Pittsburgh is great at home, and will win a close game in prime time.


San Diego vs. Pittsburgh


Steelers are banged up, look for the Chargers to take advantage and pick up a big win on the road

The Packers could not stop Cedric Benson behind an average line, and the Vikings and Adrian Peterson should have a good day against the Packer defense.


Green Bay vs. Minnesota


What makes a great rivalry even better? How about watching the face of the Packers for over a decade line up in purple. The ole gunslinger will be looking to put on a show against his old squad so get ready for some Monday Night magic from number 4.